Client Testimonials

Norm’s Mobile Service came by and recommended a Rinnai gas wall furnace for my home instead of a traditional gas furnace with duct work. I have no basement and the duct work would have been monumental. The wall furnace was installed in less than 5 hours. I only have glowing remarks for Norm’s, their workmanship, quality and knowledge is among the best. They are professional, clean and reliable and I am one happy WARM customer. Thank you very much!

Bonnie- 5 Star ReviewRinnai Gas Wall Furnace

Absolutely fantastic service. The staff was knowledgeable, efficient, polite and respectful of our home and things. They removed our old oil furnace and replaced it with a new gas furnace in one day. Erin, in the office, walked me through the process to get the prequalification code for the FortisBC grant and even completed the forms for us…all we had to do was sign it and mail it. I highly recommend Norm’s

Karen-5 Star ReviewOil to Gas Furnace Conversion

Awesome service. I called at 10am with a irreparable hot water tank, dreading buying a new one, Norm recommended calling the manufacturer just in case there was extended warranty. Indeed there was, but I don’t have a vehicle able to transport a 60 gallon hot water tank so Norms guy met me at Home Depot, picked up my new hot water tank, installed it , with a new drain basin to avoid the possibility of future water damage. Then removed my old tank and disposed of it. By early afternoon my water was back on and my new water tank full and heating.
All for a very reasonable price!
Thank you

Camille-5 Star ReviewHot Water Tank

Gratitude is the only word to describe the feeling I am left with after dealing with Dave from Norm’s mobile service. I was treated like a friend from the very first phone call from Dave. Not only was he quick to get on the job, he was able to provide a wealth of knowledge on something I just knew nothing about. I felt like Dave genuinely cared about me and the potential situation that I could be faced with. Dave was able to explain the full scope of my situation to me in a way that didn’t leave me feeling overwhelmed. All in all, I felt like I could call Dave at anytime, and would be able to guide me in the right direction. Thanks Dave for all your kind words and invaluable guidance.

Rachel-5 Star ReviewGreat Customer Service

We’ve had Norm’s help us with 3 separate projects over the past 1.5 years: upgrading oil tank heating to an electric heat pump system, fixing a leaky toilet, and installing a new water supply line after our old one sprung a leak. Dave and his team (Rod, Travis, etc.) are fantastic. They are reliable, quick and have good communication. Especially with the larger projects, Dave takes the time to look around, discuss my options, make recommendations and ultimately work with my needs. For example, when we needed to cut costs, Dave let us know what portion of the work we could do ourselves. When I then asked him if his guys could cut out some concrete with only a couple hours notice, he made it happen. This type of service is why Norm’s is always our go to!

Melissa-5 Star ReviewMany Scopes of Work

Had an emergency situation and not only did Norm’s respond exceptionally fast (even on a Sunday) but they did the job quickly and well and went the extra mile to ensure all was as it should be.  I have used them often in the past and due to the quality of both the work and the customer service, I will most certainly use them again and also recommend them to family and friends!

Jackeline-5 Star ReviewEmergency Hot Water Tank

I just had Norm’s pluming come and replace my kitchen faucet ! We had been putting it off for awhile because both my husband and I didn’t want to screw it up – someone suggested this company and I was SOOO happy with the results ! He was super nice and quick and best part- reasonable ! Thanks so much. !!!!

Nicole-5 Star reviewFaucet Replacement

Very happy with this 45 year plus several generational family business. I’ve been dealing with Malcom and Erin that are both very professional to deal with. I would recommend this company with no hesitation.

Jay-5 Star ReviewProfessionalism

I called Norm’s last night to have a plumbing issue at my business looked at. The technician came in first thing this morning. He was right on time, the work was completed quickly and without disturbing the flow of business, the quote for the job was accurate and fair. It is so nice to see a business like Norm’s that is so professional and yet so personal in the way they interact with their clients. I will recommend this business to anyone.

Mariko-5 Star ReviewProfessional and Personal

I have used Norm’s mobile many times on my home and rental property. Dave will listen carefully to your needs, then give you solid advice based on those needs.  The advice he gave me for my home was different from the advice he gave me for my rental property. The work is done well and quickly. High quality water heaters, furnaces, etc. are used. He said my basement would be toasty warm with a wall unit gas heater, warmer than my upstairs….and he was absolutely right. Sometimes you get what you pay for. If you want rock bottom prices, then anticipate that the workmanship and longevity of what you have done, will not be good quality and will break down. If you are willing to pay a fair price, you will receive top quality from Norm’s Mobile Servic

Elizabeth-5 Star ReviewHigh Quality Products and Advice

We bought our house in Qualicum beach in 2006.  Built in early 80’s on a slab with electric base boards.  In 2008 we did a major renovation which brought the house to over 2800 sq. ft. on one level. In 2010 we converted to a heat pump which was a big improvement over baseboards plus you get better air quality and air-conditioning in the summer.  The renovation included all new windows, upgraded insulation and an energy audit to which we implemented the recommendations. The last two  winters have been much colder and the master suite addition was 2 degrees C colder than the rest of the house and the hydro bills were going way up. Adding space heaters in the addition was not the way to go so we did some research and discovered Natural Gas wall furnaces.  We contacted Norm’s Mobile in Nanaimo to look into that option. We now have two Rinnai wall heaters in the house. One in the addition, the other in the Kitchen/Family room.  Our house is now warmer and the temperatures are consistent throughout the house. They are very quiet (one is in the master suite). Our hydro bill for the time we have had them is significantly lower than the previous years.

I can highly recommend the Rinnai wall furnaces, especially if you are in an older home that is on a slab.

 John Simmons

Qualicum Beach

John-5 Star ReviewRinnai Wall Furnace

Big shout out to Dave and the boys at Norms Plumbing and heating. I recently had them install a Rinnai Direct Vent Wall furnace. We are so happy with the results of this unit. It has changed our living space. So much so I also had them install a Rinnai Direct Vent Tankless  Water heater. I am torn on which one I love more. I love having warm floors  and not the HUGE hydro bill that comes along with that service. I highly recommend the Rinnai products and Norms is the company to install. They  were clean and organized on the install of this unit. It only takes seconds to get hot water and when I am done it shuts off until I need hot water again. It gets  even to hot. I have to back it off when showering. I have only had the hot water for a month so I cant tell you how much I am saving $ wise but my hydro bill is much less than it has been in years.  I was leery on going to gas But Dave at Norms plumbing and heating reassured me this was the way to go and I couldn’t agree more. thanks again for your customer service.

Barbara Wangsness

Nanaimo BC

Barbara-5 Star ReviewRinnai Wall Furnace

Thank you so much Erin and your whole team at Norm’s.  I have been a fan of Norm’s for a few years now.  (Who knew one could get excited about a plumbing & heating company but Norm’s, beginning with Dave, has done it for me over and over again through these past 10 years or so.  I recommend you to anyone who will listen.  This time when I needed a new furnace, I had the pleasure of working with Zac.  He is such a gem as all of your guys seem to be.  He went the extra (few) miles for me, especially after I had unwittingly turned the furnace off (I wasn’t aware of the on/oiff switch built into the furnace door) and he showed up all smiles at 8AM on a Sunday morning.  And thank you Erin for making the rebate so easy.  You truly left no stone unturned!  I live in a strata and last month, when we realized we needed to update the main water-shut offs, I recommended you once again and once again, you did a great job.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!!

Carol-5 Star ReviewNew Gas Furnace