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Nanaimo Building Maintenance

Commercial Building Maintenance   Nanaimo is home of many commercial buildings, such as condos, businesses, and apartments. Norms Plumbing and heating has 11 skilled tradesmen ready to save the day. We have lots of experience maintaining commercial buildings, so you won’t be let down. You may or may not be maintaining your building properly, so […]

Plumbing Details

There are many plumbers in Nanaimo that can install a water heater, but do they do it correctly, and safely? This Blog will talk about water heater safety and common mistakes.

Home Plumbing and HVAC Inspection

The real estate marketing is still strong, and with interest rates dropping down to 1.99%, houses are going to be selling fast this summer. A house is an investment, you’re putting your hard earned money into a home for you and your family; the worst thing to happen is you find out your home is […]