Maestro Pro Inverter Heat Pump

Norms Plumbing and heating is proud to now be able to provide a new product to Nanaimo and Vancouver Island. Made for flexible installations, with little to no invasion to your home or space, the Maestro Pro Inverter heat pump is the solution to your heating and cooling issues. This blog will outline the benefits and applications of the Maestro Pro Inverter Heat Pump.

What is this small mighty machine?

The Maestro Pro is the only high efficiency air conditioner and heat pump with NO outdoor unit, with its innovative Pro Power technology, providing a cooling capacity up to 11,600 BTUH. Maestro Pro’s leading inverter compressor technology provides unparalleled comfort in heating and cooling as well as operating cost savings for both residential or commercial applications (1)

It’s also WIFI ready, meaning you can control it through your smartphone, and it also has a build in dehumidifier to remove that sticky summer air. You can also just put it on fan mode to circulate your air. This heating and cooling machine can also be put on silent mode, which reduced it’s noise down to just 32 decibels!  It’s inverter technology allows it to provide you with consistent comfort thought your day and night.

Where can I put the Maestro?

The Maestro Heat Pump is designed to be installed indoors, but on an outside wall. The back of he unit has two vents that are to be vented outside through 2 8″ holes. It’s main purpose is to heat and cool smaller areas, like garages, family rooms, dens, or suits.

What are the benefits?

  • Dehumidification mode
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Very Quite
  • Efficient
  • Uses clean energy
  • Consistent comfort

If a Meastro Heat Pump sounds like it will work for you, give us a call to have a comlimentary evaluation to see if it’s right for your home.

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