Water Line Replacement

Nanaimo Water Line Replacement

Over time your waterlines can start to develop leaks and cause damage. We often see leaks in copper waterlines, and poly-b waterlines. When they do, trust Norm’s Plumbing and Heating to handle your water line replacement.

We have 50 years of experience replacing water lines in Nanaimo

water line replacement

Reasons Water Lines Might Leak

Copper waterlines can leak due to erosion, improper solders, and time. When they originally installed the waterlines, the house wasn’t settled yet. Over time as the house settles, it puts pressure on the waterlines and can cause splits in the pipe.

When Poly-B (Polybutylene) first came out between the 70’s and 90’s, the installers and manufacturers didn’t know the effects that UV rays had on the pipe. If it was stored in the sun or even in the sun too long, it affected its durability. Over the long run the pipe would start to develop leaks way earlier than expected. It causes so many leaks that insurance companies won’t insure a home that has Poly-B in it, and they require a plumber to replace it all.

Leaking waterlines aren’t just a hassle to fix, they cause lots of unnecessary damage to your home. If you have Poly-B pipe, or notice a slow drip in your copper waterlines, have us come evaluate the situation, and if recommended, replace your waterlines.


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Had an emergency situation and not only did Norm’s respond exceptionally fast (even on a Sunday) but they did the job quickly and well and went the extra mile to ensure all was as it should be. I have used them often in the past and due to the quality of both the work and the customer service, I will most certainly use them again and also recommend them to family and friends!


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