5 Possible Reasons Your Water Heater is Breaking Down

Having hot water is easy to take for granted until your water heater breaks down and you’re forced to wash dishes in cold water or, even worse, to take a cold shower in Nanaimo, BC. Hot water tanks, just like almost any home appliance, will eventually suffer from some sort of problem and begin malfunctioning.

Here are 5 common reasons that the experienced plumbers at Norm’s Mobile Service Ltd. often see for why water heaters in Nanaimo start breaking down:

1) Rust
Most tanks, because they are made of steel, will eventually rust. A tank that is starting to rust over will need to be replaced, as it will continue breaking down over time. If your water heater has been breaking down, then check for signs of rust around the inlet and outlet connections, the pressure relief valve, and the temperature valve.

2) Leaks
Rust and other forms of damage and deterioration can cause your water tank to spring a leak. Leaks are a strong indicator that it’s time to replace your water heater, as they are not reparable. You’ll be able to spot a leak by looking for any pooling water around the tank, or for signs of moisture around the welded joints and the side-wall seam.

3) Age
Even if your water heater is showing no obvious signs of damage and deterioration, it may be breaking down simply due to age. Water heaters in Nanaimo should be replaced at least every 10 years, though some may last for a shorter or longer amount of time depending on use and maintenance. The older your hot water tank gets, the more break downs you can expect.

4) Thermostat Issues
Sometimes your hot water tank may simply be breaking down due to issues with the thermostat. If this is the case, then you likely won’t need to replace the whole thing. Try resetting the thermostat first. If this doesn’t work, then call in a technician to take a look.

5) Electrical Problems
Another common and easily fixed reason why your hot water tank may be breaking down is that you’ve tripped a breaker. Check the fuse box. If your water heater’s breaker is flipped, then flipping it back will likely return your hot water. Take care not to overload the circuit again.

Quality Services for Water Heaters in Nanaimo

Depending on the cause of the breakdown, your hot water tank may need to be either repaired or entirely replaced. A professional plumber will be able to tell you what the best course of action is.

At Norm’s Mobile Service Ltd. we provide repair, maintenance, and installation services for water heaters in Nanaimo. For 45 years we’ve been providing plumbing and HVAC services throughout the Nanaimo area. Our technicians have seen it all, and will have no trouble getting to the bottom of why your hot water tank is breaking down.

Contact Norm’s Mobile Service Ltd. and one of our licensed journeymen will soon be along to take a look at your hot water tank.