Home Inspection

When buying a home, it is essential to ensure everything is working and safe.

Why get us to inspect your potential home?

When buying a new home, it is routine to get a home inspection. However, the home inspectors only know so much about your plumbing and heating, and often enough, they overlook costly repairs that get passed onto you.


What do we look for?

With our years in business we have gained lots of knowledge about plumbing and heating systems. If you have us look at a potential home for you and your family, we look to make sure the heating system is functioning properly, is up to date, and inform you on potential monthly bills, costs to repair/maintain, and options if you want to upgrade when you buy. We also look at your plumbing systems. This includes your hot water tank, water pressure, main water shut off, and the type of piping used. Believe it or not, if one of these factors is left unknown, it has potential to be very costly. Plus, if you don’t know about it, it will be very unexpected.

What happens if we find something bad?

In the case that we do find something not good about your potential new home, we just make you aware and present you with options. We’re not trying to sell you on anything, we’ve just seen to many people buy a home and then realize they need to spend thousands of dollars on a new heating system because the current one wont even work. This gets overlooked most in the summer when no one is thinking about their heating system. Another common one is your hot water tank. An aged hot water tank is more likely to leak, and sometimes we even find a home for sale with a tank already leaking. To replace your hot water tank is at least one thousand dollars, depending on the type.


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Had an emergency situation and not only did Norm’s respond exceptionally fast (even on a Sunday) but they did the job quickly and well and went the extra mile to ensure all was as it should be. I have used them often in the past and due to the quality of both the work and the customer service, I will most certainly use them again and also recommend them to family and friends!