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Commercial Building Maintenance

Nanaimo property managers, stratas, and building owners have trusted Norms Plumbing and Heating with their building maintenance for 52 years! We have the knowledge and skill to properly maintain your building so it run safely, efficiently, and reliably.

With 13 field staff, say goodbye to long wait times

Commercial Building Maintenance Nanaimo

Our Maintenance Services

  • Drain Cleaning

    Commercial drains are known to back up and cause nasty messes. Annual stack clearing can prevent issues such as:

    1. Bad or foul odours
    2. Damage to pipes
    3. Backups in units
    4. Damage to city sewer system

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  • Backflow Testing/Replacement

    Commercial buildings are equipped with backflow devices to prevent the mixing of potable and non potable water. These devices are required to be tested by a certified tester annually. We have 2 certified testers apart of our team.

  • Heating and Cooling System

    The heating and cooling system of your building is highly technical, and is responsible for the comfort of the people living in the building. Luckily we have skilled and knowledgeable staff that can properly maintain your hvac system. We can also give you proper advice if your system is in need up upgrading.

  • Plumbing

    General plumbing maintenance is sometimes overlooked, however, the smallest stuff can lead to problems down the road. From winterizing your hose bibs or flushing your water heater, we can do it all.

    Ask us about upgrading your water heating system to save up to 75% on your bill!

Packages and Commercial Pricing

We offer a reduced hourly rate for commercial clients and can develop a specific maintenance agreement so you can take advantage of all our annual services at a packaged price!


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