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Tankless on demand hot water heaters

Tired of running out of hot water?

Look no further. Norm’s Plumbing and Heating is Nanaimo’s best plumbing and heating company. We install and service tankless water heaters and are the only Rinnai Ace dealer in Nanaimo. We specialize in installing and servicing Rinnai tankless water heaters, which are the best tankless water heaters on the market.

If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits that come with a Rinnai tankless on demand hot water heaters, here is a quick list.

Super High-Efficiency Tankless Advantages

  • Endless supply of hot water
  • More space in your home
  • Save energy and money with lower operating costs
  • No storage on water, meaning no chance of flooding
  • Product lifespan of a tankless unit is twice as long as a traditional tank*
Standard Tank

  • Large tank requires more installation space
  • Water in tank is heated and reheated to continuously maintain desired set temperature regardless of usage or demand
  • During times of heavy use, water can be depleted, causing delays in hot water supply
  • Short life span, 8-10 years

How Rinnai tankless water heaters work

  • When the need for hot water arises by turning on a shower, washing machine, dishwasher or faucet, cold water flows into the Rinnai Tankless Water Heater from the inlet pipe at the bottom of the heater.
  • The flame is ignited and heats the two heat exchangers that are included in the Super High Efficiency models.
  • Water is preheated as it passes through a stainless steel heat exchanger, capturing any extra heat (or latent heat) before it escapes into the vent system.
  • Water continues to be heated as it passes through the heat exchanger, and exits from the hot water outlet pipe to travel through the pipes of the home to the water fixture where hot water is needed.
  • The tankless water heater will adjust flame output as needed to ensure the temperature set point is maintained.
  • As the hot water fixture shuts off, cold water stops flowing into the tankless water heater and the flame extinguishes. The tankless water heater is now off until the next time hot water is needed!

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Today was my third time using Norms and I have to say I have had extremely great interactions with this company. Dave came out today as we are looking at switching to natural gas at our house and our potential new house. Dave was incredibly knowledgeable, straightforward, honest and not pushy. Honestly, when it comes to plumbing and heating services, you get what you pay for! Can’t thank Dave and his team for always being reliable, punctual and most of all, being honest and providing outstanding work.

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