5 Reasons You Need Drain Cleaning in Nanaimo

While a clogged drain is a sure sign that you need drain cleaning, it’s best not to wait until your drains are slow and sluggish. You’ll want to schedule regular drain cleaning in Nanaimo for these five important reasons:

1) To prevent flooding
One of the most common and frustrating problems caused by dirty, clogged drains is flooding. Wastewater can end up seeping back up through the drain or, if the clog is further down, even into other fixtures in your home. Clogged drains can become particularly problematic during a storm, when the main sewer may be overwhelmed by storm water.

2) To prevent water damage
Clogged drains don’t have to overflow to cause water damage. Stagnant water can damage your home by leaking out of old and rusty pipes, or even by evaporating and, over time, contributing to water damage on your walls, floors, and ceilings. Your Nanaimo plumbing is made to handle water passing through it, not standing still in it.

3) To prevent bad odors
Another issue with stagnant water is that it can become a breeding ground for germs, bugs, and bacteria, leading to the development of foul odours. If you notice a bad, musty smell coming from your drains, then it’s high time to call for a professional drain cleaning in Nanaimo.

4) To protect against disease
The germs, bugs, and bacteria that can proliferate inside of a clogged drain aren’t necessarily going to remain there. They can easily find their way out into the air of your home, causing issues such as skin infections and potentially triggering allergies and asthma attacks. Dirty, clogged drains will put the health of your home’s residents at risk.

5) To protect your pipes from corrosion caused by store-bought cleaners
It is possible to clear up some clogs with store-bought chemical drain cleaners, but you don’t want this to be your go-to drain cleaning strategy. Store-bought cleaners can be highly corrosive and may cause significant damage to your pipes over time. You can try them in a pickle, but, if your drains aren’t working properly, you’d be better off calling emergency plumbing services in Nanaimo instead.

Professional Drain Cleaning Services in Nanaimo

Drain cleaning and plumbing in Nanaimo should be left up to the professionals who have the tools and expertise to do it right. If your drains are getting sluggish, then the best way to make sure that they are properly cleaned is to schedule a drain cleaning with Nanaimo’s Norm’s Mobile Service Ltd. We’ll make sure that you don’t have to worry about drainage issues such as flooding, pipe damage, or disease.

For drain cleaning or emergency plumbing in Nanaimo, don’t hesitate to contact the plumbing experts at Norm’s Mobile Service Ltd.