Basement Suite Heat?

With housing costs on the rise and no show of slowing down dramatically, more and more families are renting suites out. Converting old basements into functional liveable spaces is a great way to help pay for the mortgage. Some people specifically look for houses that already have those areas built just so they can rent them out. This blog is focused to help you-the homeowner- heat your suite efficiently, and economically, for you and the renter.

Natural gas- it’s affordable and effective. Natural gas might just be your headache reliever when it comes to heating your home and billing your renter. Have you ever had trouble calculating how much you’ve used VS how much your renter used? Or do you split it 50/50 even though there is a chance they’ve used a lot more than you have?

We’ve found that the easiest and best way to heat your basement suite is through a secondary gas meter serving only the suite. The heating appliance you will want to use is a Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace. The combination of the Rinnai Wall furnace and a secondary isolated gas meter is the best way to save you money by not paying for the renters’ heat. This also benefits the renter because they are receiving consistent, comfortable heat from the industry leader Rinnai. It’s a win/win.

Not convinced natural gas is the way to go? The graph below shows the up-to-date price of natural gas compared to Electricity.

So what is a Rinnai Direct Wall Furnace?

  1. A small ductless furnace
  2. Wall furnaces are installed on an exterior wall with a 4″ vent to outside for air intake/exhaust
  3. It circulates heated air with the help of a circulating fan
  4. They can heat up to 2000 sq ft, depending on which model you select
  5.  They are super-efficient

See the picture below for an image on one installed:

The experts at Norm’s are ACE Rinnai installers, meaning we have the proper training and education involved in installing their products. As a FortisBC trade ally member, we’re proud to announce that the Rinnai Wall furnace is also eligible for a $700 rebate!

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