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Bath Reno’s and Why You Should Choose Norm’s

There have been lots of companies offering bathroom renovations in Nanaimo lately, and sometimes we have to shake our heads on the process on how they convert you into a new tub or shower. Just to clarify somethings, we have a lot of experience in bath and shower renovations and work closely with contractors, landlords, renters, and property managers; we know a thing or two when it comes to your Nanaimo bathroom renovation.

The Difference

There are some companies that won’t remove your existing tub, however, will place a new one over it, making it look pretty. While this is less messy, it’s also a good way to cause more issues. By doing that, they’re simply putting a band-aid over your tub and leaving old pipes, valves, drainage, and maybe even rotten boards underneath your tub.

As a professional in the trade, this is the correct way to reno your bathroom. Leaving your customer with an old problem causing pipes and drainage is not good practice.

The professionals at Norm’s Plumbing and Heating will completely remove your old tub. We will ensure the floor underneath is strong and not rotten, as well as no mold behind the walls. We’ll also install a new shower valve, shower head, and waste and overflow for your drainage. We guarantee our work; we often complete the job in a day, and work with you to ensure your happy and completely satisfied with the work –  without just covering up the problem.

If your interested in renovating your bathroom, or have any other plumbing, heating, or air conditioning projects, feel free to call us for a free quote.

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