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New technology and innovation

Bryant integrates new technology and innovation into their evolutionary line of efficient Gas Furnaces.

Backed by their promise to do whatever it takes, it’s clear that Bryant is the leader of home heating and cooling.

Bryant’s Evolution system Gas Furnace incorporates six key features that together to make the best Gas Furnace for your home from a great company. From new technology to industry innovation, you can count on Bryant to give you the best home heating solution in a gas furnace.


The secondary heat exchanger extends heat transfer for higher efficiency use of heating fuel and is backed by a lifetime parts limited warranty.


Direct-drive variable-speed blower motor operates at the precise speed needed to deliver quiet, dependable heating and improved humidity control.


Bryant’s modulating gas valve (Model 987M) offers multiple stages of heating, and their two-stage gas valve (Model 986T) provides high- and low-stage options. Either way, you’ll enjoy low-stage heating the majority of the time and higher heating stages for extreme winter conditions. It means consistent temperature control with minimal “swings” in comfort.


Count on the Bryant® Perfect Light™ igniter to reliably bring the heat when you need it.


Bryant takes control of their product by being the only manufacturer to design both the furnace and the control board. Adaptive intelligence, Fan On Plus™ adjustable constant fan function, and SmartEvap™ moisture control technology are a few of the functions that set Bryant Evolution® System models apart.


Bryant’s variable-speed (Model 987M) and two-speed (Model 986T) inducer motors alternate between higher and lower speed operation ensuring extra-high efficiency and extra-low noise operation.

The true innovation of Bryant gas furnaces lies within the four new technologies incorporated into its manufacturing.

PERFECT HEAT® TECHNOLOGY FEATURE: The Perfect Heat® technology feature continually monitors and adjusts performance of multi-stage furnaces by looking at current and past conditions to determine the most effective stage for maximum comfort.

FAN ON PLUS™ TECHNOLOGY Fan On Plus™: technology improves comfort all year long by allowing you to select different fan speeds during continuous fan operation to achieve more or less airflow as needed.

PERFECT HUMIDITY® TECHNOLOGY: Perfect Humidity® technology (model 987m) ensures optimal summertime cooling dehumidification when system components include multi- and variablespeed cooling products.

SMARTEVAP™ TECHNOLOGY: When paired with a compatible thermostat, SmartEvap technology adds to your comfort by managing airflow to prevent unwanted humidity from re-entering your home.

Trust Norm’s to install only the best gas furnace for your home. We closely watch the innovation and reliability from all manufactures to ensure we are proving our customers with the best products for their home. We stand by the products we install and the service we provide.

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