HVAC Maintenance

Having your furnace or heat pump serviced is something people often miss or overlook, however servicing your HVAC equipment is extremely important. The best analogy is as follows: Every 8km you get your oil changed on your car right? Well the same goes for your HVAC equipment: every year your supposed to get it serviced. There are several reasons why servicing your equipment is important, and this blog will outline and explain why.

1) ~Life Expectancy~

It’s no secret that maintaining something makes it last longer, especially something mechanical. But we see it all the time when we ask customers when the last time they had their equipment serviced, and we get the same answer every time: “I can’t remember, maybe a few years ago”. I sound like a broken record but I can’t stress enough how important routine maintenance is. It leads to longer life expectancy as well as keeping your equipment to the highest efficiency.

2) ~Manufacture + FortisBC Recommendations~

Yes it’s true! Both FortisBC and the manufacturer recommend having your HVAC equipment services. But it also extends to any gas fired equipment too, such as your fireplace or tankless water heater which also required annual maintenance. It’s highly recommended to have your equipment serviced since It’s the thing keeping you cool in the summer or warm in the winter and when It’s not working, it can be a huge headache, so let’s just avoid the headache!

3) ~ProActive~

Mechanical errors happen to all pieces of equipment, especially when they’re constantly running keeping you warm/cool. But you can prevent these errors with annual maintenance. Our knowledgeable tech’s will check your equipment up and down testing everything from amperage pull to gas pressure. You won’t believe how many call we get in the dead of winter on weekends where there’s a family cold in their home because the furnace is on the fritz. These are calls you can avoid by having us come out once a year to ensure your equipment is running the way It’s supposed to.

You wouldn’t drive your car for 3 years with no oil change would you? The same theory is applied to your Hvac equipment. It’s simply a bad idea, and you’ll get caught on a blistering cold day, and you’ll be thinking: I really wish I listened to that guy from Norms…All joking aside, your HVAC equipment keeps you warm and cool, and takes care of you, so just take care of it in return.

If you’re looking for a qualified, knowledgeable tech to come service your equipment, you can trust Norms Plumbing and Heating. We go the extra steps to ensure your happy and your equipment is running properly. We don’t pressure you into selling something you don’t need, and we always have your best interest in mind. As a 3rd generation family owned and operated company, we know that trust with our customers is the utmost importance.

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I called because I needed my furnace looked at . Within minutes I had an appointment made for the next day . Rod was at my house at the time he said . He fixed my furnace very fast and what a pleasant person . We all know what it can be like to have someone fix appliances at your home . What a professional and great personality. He looked at other things in my home and recommended what I should do every year . I will be using this company from now on . Thanks Rod and Merry Christmas.