Do you have the A/C Blues?

The heat is finally starting to pick up, and once again air conditioning is at the top of everyone’s mind. Some people are enjoying what seems to be a luxury right now, but there are lots of people still yet to have air conditioning in their homes.

This article will lay out the best 3 ways of getting air conditioning in your home.

1. Adding a heat pump or air conditioner to your gas/electric furnace: This option is great because your home has ductwork. Since your home is already using ducts to move air throughout your home, you only need to add the cooling aspect to your furnace. This is achieved by adding a heat pump – which does heating and cooling – or adding an air conditioner. Whichever one you need can be determined by our estimator/tech.

2. Switching from electric baseboards, or radiant boiler heating, to a ductless heat pump. Just as the name suggests, a ductless, or mini split heat pump doesn’t need ductwork. Instead, wall-mounted “heads” are placed throughout your home to distribute cold and warm air, providing comfort all year round.

3. If these options don’t fit quite with what you’re looking for, then portable air conditioners might be your best option. They offer many benefits, such as portability, affordability, and longevity.

Options one and two come with the added bonus of receiving rebates, ranging from $1,000 all the way to $14,800.