Low Water Pressure?

We had a call recently from a customer with concerns over low water pressure. Normally a leak could be at fault, or even clogged pipes restricting the flow. We did a quick inspection of the homes water pipes, faucets, and the outdoor meter. Quickly our Journeyman discovered a cause much more serious cause then an old faucet with faulty interior parts.

So what did we find? A 1/2” watermain…

So why is that bad? Normally a watermain coming from the street is 3/4” to allow the water to have proper volume/flow. Since this main pipe was undersized the house wasn’t getting the amount of water it was demanding, thus, low pressure. Not only that, but the “plumber” who piped the house continued with 1/2′‘ throughout the whole house. It’s a plumbing disaster.

This is a classic scenario of an unlicensed person plumbing a house for their friend, or even themselves, with no understanding of water movement or demand. To replace their whole water system they’re probably going to spend at least a few thousand dollars to get it done properly.

Fortunately for you, Nanaimo’s best residential plumbers, Norm’s plumbing and heating, has 10 Journeyman plumbers ready to serve. Were a family owned and operated company that’s been serving Nanaimo for over 45 years. Watermains and re-pipes are no issue for our specialists. Don’t let water flow or pressure issues disrupt your comfort, call us today for a home evaluation.