Most Common Air Conditioning Problems Encountered During Summer in Nanaimo

A properly functioning air conditioning unit is a must-have for staying comfortable during summer in Nanaimo. Air conditioning units, however, are bound to run into problems from time to time. If you start encountering the issues below when trying to cool your home during the summer, then it’s time to call Norm’s Mobile Service Ltd.

1) Inadequate cooling
There are many reasons why your air conditioner may be running but not adequately cooling your home. Fixing the problem could be as simple as checking the thermostat or replacing the air filter. If, however, there doesn’t appear to be a quick and easy fix to the issue, then a technician will have to take a closer look.

2) Non-functioning external fan
Your air conditioning unit’s external fan has to put up with a lot more dirt and debris than the indoor fan, and so may be more prone to breaking. A broken external fan will cause poor air flow, and, if left unfixed, compressor failure.

3) Faulty wiring
Air conditioning units have numerous electrical components that rely on proper wiring. Wiring which was not well-installed in the first place or which has worn down over time can interfere with the functioning of the thermostat, the sensors, the condensers, and the compressors.

4) Refrigerant leaks
Running low on refrigerant because of a leak in the system will cause your air conditioner to function far less effectively. It will need to run longer in order to cool your home and, if it runs out of refrigerant completely, your unit will eventually start blowing warm air.

5) Clogged drain line
Air conditioners remove moisture from the air inside your home and then send that moisture outside through a drain line. If the drain becomes clogged, then the moisture stuck inside your unit can cause some serious damage.

Fixing and Avoiding Nanaimo Summer Air Conditioning Problems
Don’t hesitate to call the air conditioning experts at Norm’s Mobile Service Ltd. at 250-753-3641 if you run into any of the problems listed above. We’ll tune what needs tuning and replace what needs replacing. Better yet, you can avoid most air conditioning problems by having Norm’s Mobile Service Ltd. come by to perform regular maintenance checks on your unit.

Stopping minor air conditioning issues before they turn into bigger problems will help keep you nice and cool all summer long.