Product Feature: Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace


In today’s post, I’ll be featuring one of our most loved products to install into homes, Rinnai’s Direct Vent Wall Furnace. Although it’s not a well-known product among homeowners, it has every reason to be. Its innovation on energy saving technology surpasses its competitors, giving you the savings you need. Its the option everyone should know about, and that’s what this post is for.


The Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace is at the top of the list for an efficient, effective, and reliable source of heat in a home without ducts. The Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace is fueled by natural gas and only requires 120volt plug to power the display, costing you little energy consumption. It also modulates the usage of gas, optimizing energy efficiency. By using unique modulating technology, it produces the specific level of heat needed at any given moment, responding to the smallest temperature changes. Meaning the output of gas is exact at any given moment.


The Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace provides your home with not only efficient solutions but also consistent warm heat. The Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace constantly monitors room temperature, and consistently detects temperature changes of less than 1′ F. Also it adjusts to increase or decrease fan speed and BTU output to reach desired preset temperature, meaning you always get the heat you want. But in case of a sudden influx of cold air, the Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace automatically adjusts fan speed and BTU to quickly restore warmth to the room. Plus, since it requires no ducting, heat loss is minimized.

The perfect solution

The Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace isn’t right for every home though. If your home has ducts and you already have a gas furnace, maybe simply replacing your gas furnace to an efficient model is what you need. But if your home is heated by electric baseboards or an electric fireplace and you have gas available, this is the product for you. I can’t stress enough the innovation and superiority of The Rinnai Direct Vent Wall Furnace.

Why Rinnai?

“For nearly 100 years, Rinnai has been fiercely
committed to delivering nothing less than our absolute
best. With headquarters in Japan and a network of
20 subsidiaries and 86 sales offices in 13 countries, this
commitment has made us one of the world’s largest
gas appliance manufacturers, specializing in highefficiency
home heating solutions. Our value-added
products continue to stay in step with the demands
of our changing world.”

Don’t just let me tell you about it, listen to our customers:

“Norm’s Mobile Service came by and recommended a Rinnai gas wall furnace for my home instead of a traditional gas furnace with ductwork. I have no basement and the ductwork would have been monumental. The wall furnace was installed in less than 5 hours. I only have glowing remarks for Norm’s, their workmanship, quality, and knowledge is among the best. They are professional, clean and reliable and I am one happy WARM customer. Thank you very much!”

To Finish off this post, I want to let you know how to get more information on this product. Of course, there is Rinnai’s site. You can also find information on our website. If you would like to see the product and talk to our knowledgeable staff, find us at the Nanaimo Home Expo from September 28-30. We will also have a model on display.


“Large Enough to Serve you, Small Enough to Care”