Benefits of Natural Gas

A fantastic energy choice for Nanaimo homeowners who want to save money.

Natural Gas Fitting Services in Nanaimo

Many Nanaimo homeowners use natural gas safely everyday. If you’re considering using natural gas in your home, or are unsure of the benefits, read the list below. After reading, you will come to realize that natural gas is perfect for your home or business in Nanaimo.

1. Save Money

Natural gas provided by FortisBC is about 1/3rd the cost of electricity in BC, making it a fantastic energy choice for Nanaimo homeowners who want to save money.

natural gas save money

2. Get Money Back With Rebates

For a limited time, connect to natural gas and install a natural gas heating system or heating and hot water system, and you could be eligible for rebates up to $2,700. Terms and conditions apply.

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3. Take the Affordable Path

BC’s natural gas has an important role to play as our province moves towards a lower-carbon future. Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel, and it’s an abundant, local energy source with existing infrastructure that helps British Columbians heat their homes in a cost-effective way.

The future of natural gas

We’re focused on keeping this affordable energy available for our customers, while lowering the carbon footprint of natural gas by increasing the amount of carbon neutral Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) in our system, and exploring the possibilities of extracting hydrogen gas from electricity.3 In fact, we’re aiming to produce 15 per cent of our natural gas supply with RNG and hydrogen by 2030. By 2050, our goal is for 30 per cent of our supply to come from these renewable sources.

Supporting energy conservation

While more British Columbians are using natural gas than ever before—we have more than 1 million customers—the amount of natural gas being used by individual customers is going down. That’s thanks to our customers’ growing awareness of energy conservation, provincial energy policies and building codes and the efficiency of newer natural gas appliances. We’re proud to support all of these initiatives, with our  rebates on efficient appliances, our conservation programs and  energy-saving tips.

4. Enjoy the convenience and cosiness only natural gas has to offer

Natural gas space and water heating systems are up to 98 per cent efficient, and natural gas appliances provide unique comfort and convenience:

  • get precise temperature control and instant heat with natural gas cooking appliances
  • get cosy at the flick of a switch with natural gas indoor fireplaces
  • enjoy instant heat and forget about tank refills with natural gas barbecues

There’s also outdoor natural gas heating for your pool or patio, backyard fire pits and fireplaces, backup generators and more.

Learn more about natural gas heating systems and appliances.


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