The Benefits

Ductless Heat Pumps

Minimal Installation with Ductless

One of the many benefits of ductless heat pumps is No Ducts! No ductwork means no patching, no painting and no hassle. Installing your ductless HVAC system is simple, with virtually invisible installation. We only drill a small hole in the wall to outside to connect pipe from the indoor unit itself to the compressor unit outside. The outdoor unit also supplies the electrical power to the indoor unit, so there’s no need for additional indoor wiring.

carrier ductless systems indoor unit livingroom

Precise Heating & Cooling

Carrier ductless systems provide exact comfort. It doesn’t matter where indoor units are placed, you’ll be comfortable wherever you decide to install an indoor unit. Want a cooler home office, but a warmer bedroom? No problem. Room-based temperature control is one of the many benefits of ductless heat pumps.

Since units can be controlled individually, spaces can be set to different temperatures, depending on your comfort needs.

Inverter compressor technology makes heating and cooling temperatures more precise as well. Instead of the constant up-and-down temperature swings supplied by typical single-stage systems, a variable-speed, inverter-controlled compressor operates like cruise control for your comfort. It efficiently maintains indoor temperatures with only minimal fluctuation.

Quiet Operation

Noisy operation can really turn that comfortable system upside down. That’s why the best heating and cooling systems should be appreciated, but not heard. Carrier ductless outdoor units with inverter-controlled variable-speed compressors operate on longer, lower-speed and quieter comfort cycles. Long refrigerant lines to the outdoor unit also allow the flexibility to install the outdoor unit farther away from decks, patios or other outdoor living spaces.

carrier ductless systems outdoor unit wide

Allergy Control

With filters in each indoor unit, Ductless systems provide cleaner air in the rooms where they are installed. With Ductless, it’s not just about controlling air temperature, it’s about controlling air quality. When circulation is contained within a confined space, there’s no cross-contamination of air between rooms. An ideal application for those who suffer with allergies.


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Today was my third time using Norms and I have to say I have had extremely great interactions with this company. Dave came out today as we are looking at switching to natural gas at our house and our potential new house. Dave was incredibly knowledgeable, straightforward, honest and not pushy. Honestly, when it comes to plumbing and heating services, you get what you pay for! Can’t thank Dave and his team for always being reliable, punctual and most of all, being honest and providing outstanding work.