Commercial Building Maintenance


Nanaimo is home of many commercial buildings, such as condos, businesses, and apartments. Norms Plumbing and heating has 11 skilled tradesmen ready to save the day. We have lots of experience maintaining commercial buildings, so you won’t be let down. You may or may not be maintaining your building properly, so what goes into building maintenance?


  1. Drain Cleaning

Having hundreds of people on the same drainage system will put a lot of stress on it because you just never know what people put down the drains. That’s okay though, because having your stacks cleaned annually will prevent any blockages that can happen from extreme use of drains.

  • Norms has the equipment and knowledge to properly and professionally clean stacks and drains.


2. Plumbing

The plumbing systems in commercial building take a beating with the amount of use they have, and people depend on having water with no interruptions. From Water heater flushing, water system upgrading, outdoor tap care and more, Norms treats your building like our building. We treat the tenants and owners with care and professionalism so they have the piece of mind they deserve.



One of the most technical parts of your buildings functionality is its heating system. Not only making sure everyone has heat, but making sure its efficient, safe, and affordable for all. We take care of filter changes, belt maintenance, and full on hvac maintenance. We can also provide you with options for air cleaners – that can even kill COVID-19, pollen, bacteria, and mold.


Why Norms?

Norms has been serving Nanaimo for 50 years! We’re family owned and operated and we care for Nanaimo’s community. We also provide a discounted rate of service for commercial clients. We can also provide you with quarterly or semi-annual maintenance packages – giving you the service and maintenance you need at a packaged rate.

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