Pump up the … Heat pump

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and your Heat Pump is rattling. Wait, that last one wasn’t right..?

That’s right Nanaimo, spring has sprung, and it’s time to prepare for the cooling season. We remember how hot it was last year, and it’s only going to get hotter, while your heat pump is going to be working harder.

We all know it’s very important to service your home heating and cooling appliances, so what is it about heat pumps that need servicing?


Our Heat pump technician will inspect and change (if necessary) your filter on your indoor unit. The filter is to ensure proper airflow throughout your home. An easy fix, but most overlooked too. Clean v.s Dirty Filter

Refrigerant Pressure

Our technician will also check the pressure on the refrigerant. Without the proper pressure, your system could be greatly affected, leaving you burning up on a hot summer day.

Motor Amperage

Another overlooked spec is the amperage of your heat pumps motor. These little details make a huge difference when peak cooling season arrives.

Compressor Amperage

Again, if your compressor is drawing too many amps on startup, it deteriorates the longevity of your compressor or causes it to fail. Our technician will ensure your heat pumps compressor isn’t overdrawing amperage, and make sure your unit is good for operation in the hot Nanaimo summer.


Thermostats are also overlooked sometimes, but they can be very important. Your thermostat can be set in a specific way to ensure smooth operation, and in a way to have fewer start-ups/modulation. This will help the efficiency of your cooling system and also help it last longer.

Norm’s Plumbing and Heating

The experts at Norm’s has been servicing Nanaimo for over 45 years and have vast knowledge and experience with a wide variety of expertise. We have a fully licensed and trained HVAC technician who can tackle just about any problem.

Contact us to have your Heat Pump serviced by us soon, we are booking up quickly!